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Creative Zen MP3 Players
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al [userpic]

I was wondering if anyone had a remote for the Creative Zen Vision 30gb or the Zen Vision W. I dropped mine and the buttons on the front no longer work. If I had an infrared remote i would have full capability restored but I can't find them anywhere! I didn't know if anyone had one they would be willing to sell or if they knew where to get one. Thanks!

lady_of_storms [userpic]


I have an 8gb Zen Micro photo, and I was wondering whether there was any way to organise the songs on my player without getting rid of the tracks and ripping them onto the player again? For example, I have three genres that contain exactly the same sort of music: broadway, broadway/musicals and musicals. How can I merge them all into one?

Thank you,

swordznsorcery [userpic]

I have a Creative Zen Vision M. Every so often when I turn it on, the battery indicator shows a tiny, thin red line, and the player displays a low battery power warning. The battery is fully charged. This doesn't happen every time, but it's often enough to be annoying. I got the player in the summer, and it's not used regularly.

Any ideas?

minivolcanoes [userpic]




Ashley [userpic]

I was wondering if anyone owns an MP3 player dock?
If so which one do you have...I'm looking at buying a JVC Mini Component Audio System w/iPod Connection.
but, I'd like to have other options. Thanks in advance.

ΘΣ. - Creatrix of the Cosmic Groove [userpic]

Since someone decided to badger me about my last post here over on my journal, there's what happened after This.
Had a LONG email conversation with their support people who asked me lots of questions and eventually said "Get a new computer". Decided to try phoning them next - this was slightly more helpful. Talked to a very happy American chap who emailed me lots of useful things to try with a "if this doesn't work, call back and we'll try to fix it" at the end. Didn't work. Called back. Got through to someone that claimed it'd be "dead easy" to fix. Did eaxactly what he said to - which made it worse. The player wouldn't even switch on.

So he suggested posting it back to be repaired or replaced. Sent it off at the beginning of December, got a UPS tracking number the other week that won't work and not heard anything since.

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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬) [userpic]

Poll #1111599 Second ZEN

If I were to purchase a spare ZEN,what we be the best alternative?

the new 32 GB flash model
the ZEN Vision W in the 60 GB format
a refurbished Zen Vision M

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Pretty Kate Machine [userpic]

OK, so I really really want to buy an mp3 player that isn't an ipod. I have my mind set on a Creative Zen Vision:M that I see on sale on Amazon. I have a big question though, and I can't find the answer anywhere.

I've had an ipod for 2 years, so I use itunes on my PC to store all my music. I live with my boyfriend, who ALSO uses itunes and wants to continue buying and using ipods for reasons I don't understand. CAN I USE THE ITUNES SOFTWARE WITH MY ZEN? I am not a fan of windows media player. I feel like the itunes software is the BIG draw for another ipod, but I refuse to pay $ 400 for something that will die in two years. $200 I can live with.

Our music is already in itunes as mp3's, not mp4's or AAC's or anything like that as far as I know. Converting the music is not an issue.

If I cannot use itunes, what do YOU use in it's place? Windows Media Player? Any alternatives?

Thanks everyone!

ΘΣ. - Creatrix of the Cosmic Groove [userpic]

[Already posted at Livejournal_uk - apologies if you've already seen it!]

I've had a Creative Zen 30GB Vision:M player for a few months now, no problems at all. Plugged it in the other day and the computer won't recognise it. Tried restarting, uninstalling and re-installing the software that came with it, different USB ports, some regedit faffing that googleing suggested, different USB cables and hitting the reset button and the best I can get is the little lightning "Charging" sign, although it's not connected properly and after leaving it like that overnight, it wasn't charged at all.

Anyone know how to fix this?

[Edit] I've posted about what happened after this. Here. Please do NOT contact me through my journal asking for help - I can't and won't!

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молодой симпатичный робот [userpic]

How can I connect my player with Mac?
I've just tried XNJB but it hasn't connected((

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