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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬) [userpic]
ZEN Vision W software glitch?!

I've had my W for 15 months now.Initially,it never synchronized the album artwork from any of my CD's.Then a few months ago,it started showing the album artwork from newer CD's I had acquired.To further complicate things,while deleting duplicate tracks(that appear on more than one CD),I accidentally deleted a track I didn't intend to;so I decided to re-upload that album onto the player from my Satellite(which has my whole CD collection backed up).I then accidentally played a track from the re-uploaded album on my W;and sure enough,it finally displayed the album cover.So lately I've been deleting albums from the player and re-uploading them on my spare time.Though still a work in progress,I've been making progress.Anyone else encounter that glitch?

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i just want to comment, after read your problem.. it really solve mine (http://www.mp3speaker-s.net/mp3-cd-players), so thanks anyway.. =)

regarding using your zen w

1. do NOT use itunes, it is not compatible with zen. (info per computer geek that owns zen w & works as computer geek at staples)
2. when you are downloading it, if you wait long enough the art work usually shows up
3. if not, go to amazon, (that's what i used) and copy picture from the album cover using right click on mouse
4. then put it on that album's 'square' cover when it is still on your computer, right click to paste it on
5. sync it after copying the artwork & it will show up in your zen.
(i also have a zen w, & that is how it worked for me with very, very old CDs & the artwork as well, these are CDs that are not very popular & some were purchased from thrift stores. i just finished this chore this week ending 9/11/2010) hope that answers your questions & problems.