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Creative Zen MP3 Players
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November 2008
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Eve [userpic]

One day, my Zen Vision M died. And then it was reborn. Only, when I tried transferring files, everything transferred but music. Pictures where people who see them will think I'm weird and a dork, check. Videos to confirm their beliefs, check. Music, NO.

So I reinstall the software. I get my disc, I put it in the computer, the computer whirred away, and then a message popped up: The installation cannot be completed because of error I-001. I look up a "solution" online which tells me this. I follow the directions and try again.

I'm still getting the Error I-001 message. And (because yes, there's always more)! I've also been getting "DoInstall fails to launch D:\CTShared\CTPlugin\SyncManU\Setup.inx. DoInstall return error code is -2147213312." I couldn't find anything online on that.

On the bright side, I can finally access my Vision M: Media Explorer window again (which I couldn't do before trying the solution on the website and trying to reinstall the Zen five times). The bad news is that I can't add any media now. Just browse.

Please help?