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Creative Zen MP3 Players
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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬) [userpic]

I've had my W for 15 months now.Initially,it never synchronized the album artwork from any of my CD's.Then a few months ago,it started showing the album artwork from newer CD's I had acquired.To further complicate things,while deleting duplicate tracks(that appear on more than one CD),I accidentally deleted a track I didn't intend to;so I decided to re-upload that album onto the player from my Satellite(which has my whole CD collection backed up).I then accidentally played a track from the re-uploaded album on my W;and sure enough,it finally displayed the album cover.So lately I've been deleting albums from the player and re-uploading them on my spare time.Though still a work in progress,I've been making progress.Anyone else encounter that glitch?

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Hey! I'm selling a Zen Vision M: 30 GB in light blue.
Check it out here: risquecliche risquecliche !!

Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬) [userpic]

One of the 2 batteries I have may be going bad.It's bad enough that I can't decipher the date codes on the batteries.It's even worse that I can't find any online retailers still stocking Creative-made replacement batteries while listings for copycat replacements are more common,and I don't want to risk getting a Chinese-made one(Creatve made it's batteries in South Korea,who knows where the third party batteries are made in).Does anyone still even stock Creative's batteries?!

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Eve [userpic]

One day, my Zen Vision M died. And then it was reborn. Only, when I tried transferring files, everything transferred but music. Pictures where people who see them will think I'm weird and a dork, check. Videos to confirm their beliefs, check. Music, NO.

So I reinstall the software. I get my disc, I put it in the computer, the computer whirred away, and then a message popped up: The installation cannot be completed because of error I-001. I look up a "solution" online which tells me this. I follow the directions and try again.

I'm still getting the Error I-001 message. And (because yes, there's always more)! I've also been getting "DoInstall fails to launch D:\CTShared\CTPlugin\SyncManU\Setup.inx. DoInstall return error code is -2147213312." I couldn't find anything online on that.

On the bright side, I can finally access my Vision M: Media Explorer window again (which I couldn't do before trying the solution on the website and trying to reinstall the Zen five times). The bad news is that I can't add any media now. Just browse.

Please help?

Hello! I am new, and have a problem with ZEN.

Now, to start, I have not dropped my MP3 player. 

The screen on my ZEN goes completely blank. I turn it on, it's dark grey, and when the menu should show up, it's completely white. I have tried all the stuff on Creative's website. Nothing works. The site is annoying me as I try to get that number needed to return the thing.

Any ideas, A. What's wrong with it and B. How I might be able to fix it?

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blindbella [userpic]


i just joined because i have a couple questions to ask :)

first off, would you guys ever buy a refurbished product from creative??? has anyone ever doen that?

there is a sale for today where things are super cheap and you don't pay shipping

i'm concidering:
zen stone + = 2gb for 24$
zen v + = 4gb for 42$

i would be tempted to get either of the +'s but i'm wondering if i'd be throwing away 50$

Question 2
has anyone ever used the voice recorder on these two models to tape classes or meetings??? is it any good? i'm a college student and would want it to record classes (i have an ipod so i don't need an mp3 player)

question 3 - do you know of any way to get a extended waranty???

lol basically any help / opinions would be great!

this is the link http://us.creative.com/local/1/seasonal/back2school/welcome.asp?WT.cg_n=Campaigns&WT.mc_id=16301

I have a Creative Zen Stone Plus MP3 Player, I had gotten one for my mom, but apparently it's my sister's now, but anyways...I know some people use itunes for their MP3 Players and we're having trouble getting songs on the MP3 Player. How the heck do I get songs on an MP3 Player from itunes??? I hope somebody can help...

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Eve [userpic]

Hello all! Having a bit of trouble with my Zen Vision M, and before I began wailing and gibbering indistinctly, I was hoping one of you guys might have a ray of hope to offer.

Last night:

I was in the process of adding files to my player when I realized there wasn't enough room on it for all the files. I canceled the transfer, thinking to delete some stuff from it and try again later. The program froze for a few minutes, then told me the transfer had failed. It also told me my device wasn't plugged in, even though my computer was charging it.

I closed out of everything, turned off my Zen, plugged it back in. The little window came up, asking what I wanted to do with this device, and I said I would like to go to the Zen Windows Explorer, please. My computer obligingly brought up the window, but the window very unobligingly told me my device was still not plugged it. I tried for a few more hours and gave up, turning everything off and deciding to come back in the morning. I was not yet panicked.


Today, however, my computer says my mp3 player is still not plugged in. I tried it on my dad's computer with the same results. I went to the help site, and it showed me how to download Windows Media Player 11 and sync it up then. Okay, check. Only it still isn't syncing.

So I dig out the CD that I last used over a year ago, try to reinstall my Zen. It keeps telling me it can't install successfully because of Error I-001. Fine. I get out. I uninstall every piece of Creative software I can find on my computer, try to reinstall it. The same message comes up, but it installs anyway. Dare I to hope? WHY YES, YES I DO. And my hopes are thrown right back in my face as, after nearly an hour's worth of installations and a computer restart later, I hook my player up only to find that nothing whatsoever happens. And the Windows Explorer window won't even come up.

The final straw. I do a system restore to my computer, effectively setting my computer to last week. We should be in the clear. ONLY HOLY HELL NO. Because changes don't happen to the Zen. And lo, we are at the beginning.

I didn't mention before (but I certainly shall now) that it deleted over 2,000 of my songs, all of my playlists and videos, and I haven't checked the audiobooks, but I'm pretty sure those are gone too. I'm left with 698 songs, and Fate chose the most embarrassing stuff to leave behind. Of the stuff I'm not afraid to own up to, I've got one Eels song and a handful of Rilo Kiley. Then it's the... other stuff.

I'm about to go insane. Please tell me someone has a solution that doesn't involve sending my baby off to people who are going to keep it for ages and possibly forget to send it back.

Cattasha; Russian Mail Order Monkey-Bride [userpic]

Okay, I know you're probably tired of such questions, but I'm going around in circles trying to figure out which Creative Zen is best for me. I'm not hooked on whiz-gadgetry (so I don't need the Latest Model, and I don't mind if it's a little older/chunkier), I just want a solid, reliable player that can hold a lot of music. I've heard both excellent and terrible reviews of the Zen/s, and need some good advice from folks in the know.

Thanks in advance, folks!

Rev. flamingkitties [userpic]

Okay, what have I done to my Zen?
(Music still plays, presumably so does video but the screen looks mighty sick.)



I might have dropped it.

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